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Gina Elaine

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Mercerville, New Jersey

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Tree-hugging dirt worshiping social liberal. Recycles everything to a fault, and I don't follow the "mass consumption" mentality of today's society. I don't judge people on appearances. I figure I will find enough of a reason to hate you as soon as you open your mouth. I have friends of every race/religion/creed/color out there. This includes non-judgmental peoples from all walks of life.

I am one of those rare honest people who says what I mean and mean what I say, and I assume that from everyone else (so if I misread you, I apologize in advance). If I don't like you...you'll know it. I'm pretty even tempered and non-confrontational, so there's no need for me to be tactless and in your face. I may seem like I have no sense of humor. It's just because mine is just too raunchy and x-rated for most people.
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