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Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Hello, my real name is Sara but my con-name would be IndigoDraco. I'm a freelance artist, I primarily use acrylic on stretch canvas. I like doing animals more than anything else. I often say, why do people when animals are much more fun? People have given me commissions to do portraits of their pets, mostly cats and dogs, a couple horses and a ball python.

In my adult years, I have become a connoisseur of anime, been trying out many different series and films to see if I can be a legit fan of anything. I'm personally more for dubs over subs. When Zenkaicon was canceled in 2020, I really was just in tears. I had big cosplay plans and I was going to bring my DIY Jeopardy games. For Jeopardy, each category board has a different theme to it such as Disney, Pokemon, animals, Studio Ghibli, TMNT, Digimon and many more. Usually, every correct answer wins one piece of candy but I'm unable to do that virtually. Boo! On the final day, I had planned to wear my inflatable Godzilla costume that I wore for Halloween a few years ago. Godzilla and anime are both part of Japanese culture so what can be more appropriate?

Well anyhoos, this really is my first virtual con and I'll just have to make the best of it. I'm certain many of you, like me, would rather do all this in-person like previous years but the day will come when all this pandemic garbage will end. No more mask-wearing, no more social distancing, people can go to restaurants, travel and visitors won't be limited. I'm not guaranteeing anything but I'm placing my bets on Thanksgiving which my mom and I have said is not unreasonable.

Take care, all! Stay safe and healthy! Hope to hear from people to chat and mingle!
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